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Former Graduate Students


AKM Mashud Alam, Ph.D. (co-advised with Chunhui Xiang)

Development of Polydiacetylene Based Colorimetric Nanofiber Sensor for Pesticide Detection in Chemical Protective Clothing

Seeking assistant professor or post-doctoral position


Caryn, Pang, Ph.D.

Mixed-use Shopping Mall Communities (MUSMC): A Case Study of Assembly Row

Faculty Member – Professor of Marketing, Hult International Business School

Professor in Executive Education EMiLUX – Luxury Management, Parsons School of Design – The New School

Bingyue Wei, Ph.D. 

Utilizing the Apparel Design Collection to Represent Qualitative Study Findings: Understanding Female Chinese/Chinese American Fashion and Textile Designer’s Appearance Management Experience with Their Creativity

Assistant Professor

Texas Women’s University


Erin French, Ph.D.

Stitching Masculinities, Stitching Stories: Men’s Quiltmaking Experiences 1970-2020

Director of International Programs, College of Human Sciences

Iowa State University



Arienne McCracken, Ph.D. (co-advised with Mary Lynn Damhorst)

Visibility, Transgression, and Community: An Exploratory Study of Plus-size Fashion YouTubers

Assistant Professor

Iowa State University

Courtney Johnson, M.S. (co-advised with Kelly Reddy-Best)

Swagger Like Us: Black Millennial's Perceptions of 1980s/1990s Urban Fashion Brands

Visual Merchandiser

Forever 21

Brianna Plummer, Ph.D. (co-advised with Fatma Baytar)

Engineering Digital Technologies: A Model For Integrating Digital Textile Printing In Costume Design and Production Education


Natick Soldier Research  Development  & Engineering  Center

Wijdan Tawfiq, Ph.D.  (co-advised with Mary Lynn Damhorst)

The Saudi Arabian Bride Shopping Experience

Assistant Professor

King Abdulaziz University

Saudi Arabia


Samii Benson, Ph.D.

Black Fashion Designers Matter: A Qualitative Study Exploring the Experiences of Black Female Fashion Design Entrepreneurs

Assistant Professor

Southern University

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Adriana Gorea, Ph.D. (co-advised with Fatma Baytar)

Seamless Knitted Sports Bra Design: A Responsive System Design Exploration

Assistant Professor

University of Delaware

Newark, Delaware

Chamni Hwang, Ph.D.

Design Requirements for Female Boomer’s Smart Activewear: A Sequential Exploratory Mixed Methods Study

Assistant Professor

North Carolina State University

Raleigh, North Carolina


Dave Loranger, Ph.D.

Scottish Kiltmaking: Knowledge, Practice, and Potential for Protected Geographic Indication

Assistant Professor

Sacred Heart University

Fairfield, Connecticut

Sara Jablon, Ph.D.

Historical Accuracy in Costume Design: A Qualitative Analysis of the Experiences of Broadway Costume Designers

Assistant Professor

Johnson and Wales University

Providence, Rhode Island

Whitney Rorah, M.S.

Laser Cutting and Etching Textiles and Apparel Design: An Experimental Study on the Implementation and Documentation of Laser Cutting and Etching in the Apparel Design Creative Process


Essence of Australia

Kansas City, Missouri

Katie Thompson, M.S.

Digital Textile Printing: Colorfastness of Reactive Inks Versus Pigment Inks

Product Developer


Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ling Zhang, Ph.D.

From Chinese Painting to Wearable Art: The Development of Wearable Art Design Process Model and Evaluation Methods for Wearable Art Designers

Assistant Professor

Central Michigan University

Saginaw, Michigan

Chanmi Hwang, M.S.

Consumers’ Acceptance of Wearable Technology: Examining Solar-Powered Clothing

Assistant Professor

Washington State University

Pullman, Washington


Ja Young Hwang, Ph.D. (co-advised with Mary Lynn Damhorst)

Fashion Designers’ Decision- Making Process: The Influence of Cultural Values and Personal Experience in the Creative Design Process

Assistant Professor

Kent State University

Kent, Ohio



Paige Baker (Emerich), M.S.

Designing Women’s Snowboarding Clothing: Application and Expansion of The FEA Consumer Needs Model

Apparel Product Developer

Big Agnes, Inc.

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Casey Stannard, M.S.

Motivations for Participation in Knitting among Young Women

Assistant Professor

Louisiana State University

Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Laura Hansen, M.S.

Drip Dye: Apparel Inspired by Jackson Pollock

Women’s Outerwear & Lifestyle Manager

Spyder Active Sports

Boulder, Colorado


Chad Sowers, M.S.       

Augmenting the Classroom: Podcasting for Applied Skills in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator

Assistant Professor (deceased)

Louisiana State University

Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Julia DiVerdi, M.S

American Tribal Style Belly Dance: Examining the Performer/Audience Interaction through Costume

Owner of both Sumatra Belly Dance and The Cupcake Cabaret

Fort Collins, Colorado


Carol Engel-Enright, M.S.

The Needs, Desires, Activities, and Skills of Independent Clothing Designers as Small Business Owners

Internship Coordinator (retired)

Colorado State University

Fort Collins, Colorado

Morena Save, M.S.

Documenting the Indigenous Knowledge of Lace-Making on the Island of Pag, Croatia


Karie Koplar, M.S.

The Potential to Create a Sustainable Market for Redesigned Apparel

Independent Fashion Designer

Boulder, Colorado

Kristine Johnson, M.S.

The Style of Marie Antoinette: A Content Analysis of Appearance

Bonita Hanni, M.S.       

Robes of Tradition Japanese Courtesans and Geisha


Illinois Institute of Art

Chicago, Illinois


Ruth Huff, M.S.

Creating a Selection of Wedding Dresses for Colorado Brides with Religious Guidelines

Independent Fashion Designer

Aurora, Colorado


Laura Papas, M.S.

The Impact of Students’ Clothing Styles, Appearance, and Popularity on Teachers’ Perceptions


Trisha Logan, M.A.

Beautiful Connections: Maridadi Fabrics (Kenyan), Jack Lenor Larsen, and the East African Kanga

Owner and Designer at Shindig Paperie

Fayetteville, Arkansas

Linda Moore, M.A.

Cataloging for Creative Browsers: A Classification of Historic Embroideries for Use by Designers and Artists

Curator of Collections

Fort Collins Museum of Discovery

Fort Collins, Colorado

Jubal Douglass, M.A.

E-Portfolios for Apparel Designers


Rosemarie Collections

Columbus, Ohio


Jane Ruth, M.A.

Functional Women’s Climbing Apparel

Owner and Product Developer

ApparelTrek, LLC

Longmont, Colorado

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